Function and beauty.  We install a lifetime warrantied film that not only makes your ride look great, it provide a superb level of comfort and performance.  Our experience  makes the difference between good and great window tinting.

The gallery below will give you examples of different window tint combinations!

Standard vs Ceramic We install two different kinds of film-standard dyed and ceramic. They both have a lifetime warranty against bubbling or pealing, we carry the same shades in both (light, medium, dark. but the ceramic is superior at heat rejection. The ceramic film is the industry leader in quality.

Clear Tint for the Front windshield. Tinting the front windshield with the clear ceramic film can block up to 50% of the heat. That is a lot of performance from a ‘clear’ tint. If you spend a lot of time in the vehicle or the car sits outside all day, you will be very satisfied with this product. Ask for more details

The benefits of window tinting:

  1. Blocks out 99% of UVA and UVB rays, which fades a vehicle’s interior, discolor fabric and vinyl pieces and irritates passengers.
  2. Reduces ambient heat.
  3. Blocks out light and reflective glare.
  4. Provides privacy.
  5. Improve the efficiency of the air conditioner by insulating the inside of the windows.
  6. Keeps the glass from shattering on passengers during an accident.
  7. Improves the overall look of the car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are my tint color options?

There are five tint colors/shades to choose from:

  • Clear
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Limousine, also referred to as “limo”.

All colors of tint block out 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

What shade is best for me?

The shades you choose should be based on what function or benefits your trying to accomplish by installing tint. In other words:

  • For privacy or security, go with the dark or “limo” tint.
  • For optimum visibility during the day and at night, choose light to medium tint. For a factory installed look, or a solid profile, choose medium for all windows.

You can also mix up the shades by installing light in the front two windows and dark on the back half. The shade you choose does not affect the price.

Will tinted windows inhibit my visibility at night?

Dark or “limo” tint will decrease your car’s visibility at night. With dark or “limo” tinting on the vehicle’s back windows, things like reversing the car or parallel parking will be more difficult. At night we rely on our side mirrors and peripheral vision to recognize traffic around us, so it is advisable to not install anything darker than a medium on the front to doors. In addition, some law enforcement jurisdictions prohibit certain shades of tint from being used on the front two doors. In California it is illegal to install any tint on the front doors with more than 5% gradient. You should consider the tint laws applicable in your state.

Will window tinting affect the performance of my car’s satellite systems?

No. GPS unit and satellite radio devices are not affected by automotive window tinting.

How long will the window tinting last?

Transhine’s window tint includes a lifetime warranty that covers peeling or bubbling of the film. The manufacture warranty covers the cost of labor and materials if repair is necessary. At Transhine, we stand behind this warranty and vow to promptly resolve any warranty issues that may arise.