Are your headlights hazy, cloudy and dull? Are they yellowed and old looking? Have you already started thinking about what new or replacement headlights would cost only because you didn’t know that headlamps are repairable to nearly brand new looking?

PRICE: $89.95 EACH (10 Year Warranty!)


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Lifetime warranty on the clarity of the headlamps!



  1. New restored headlights will improve the look and value of your car.
  2. SAFETY – This is a big one. Your safety when driving at night is very important – obscured, cloudy headlights can be very dangerous.
  3. It will increase your vehicles trade in value and make it easier to sell! If there is one visual Yellow, cloudy headlights just ruin the appearance of a vehicle regardless of the care you take of it.
  4. It will save you hundreds over new headlights! The average plastic headlight costs around $250+ to replace (not including installation costs. Some lenses can cost in excess of $350-$400 each (just call your local Lexus or Mercedes dealer).


If you have unsuccessfully tried cleaning your headlights yourself, or are looking into getting new ones, you owe it to yourself to let Transhine repair them for you.

You can buy one of the ‘home spun kits online’ but the truth is that you won’t get the same results that our professionals can. We are doing the work every day and have the skill that only someone that has successfully polished hundreds of headlights can achieve.  Once the headlights are polished and cleared up,  we use a unique finishing process that covers the lens and protects it from the elements.  We are the only ones to offer THE LIFETIME WARRANTY  on each REPAIR.   CALL US TODAY AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. MOST WORK DONE IN TWO HOURS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of restoring the headlights?

The price of new headlights is astronomical. Visibility is restored to original factory specifications. The overall look of the vehicle is improved as well as the resale value. Once fixed, the protective coating will prevent the hazing problem from returning.

Why do the headlights turn cloudy?

Vehicle manufacturers have changed from glass headlights to plastic headlights. They did this to save costs and reduce the weight of vehicles. However, plastic is considerably more vulnerable than glass. Additionally, the plastic headlight would last longer if you didn’t live in Los Angeles where we have lots of pollution and an acidic marine layer. The pollution and moisture eat away at the headlights resulting in the cloudy, hazy surface.

Do the headlights look clear after the Polishing/Restoration process?

Most headlights look like new afterwards. The clouding and hazing is on the outside of the lens and through our proprietary process we are able to restore the headlight to near perfect. Some pitting and rock chips will remain, but they will not effect clarity.

What is the guarantee?

We guarantee the lights will remain clear for the life of the vehicle. Our proven system for headlight polishing fixes the problem PERMANENTLY!