Have you just damaged the corner of you bumper and think it isn’t worth turning it into the insurance? At transhine, we cater to a specific customer who has damaged their bumper, not enough to justify a body shop visit, but still enough where something has to be done. We are fixing light bumper damage and scuffed bumpers that are really only effecting 10% of the overall bumper…Bumper Repair without the Body Shop!

For years dealers have been using this repair technique to avoid spending money on an unnecessary reapair at the body shop. Why go to a body shop and leave it for 4 days, pay 4 times more and then run the risk of it happening again?

We can make the bumper look as good as new and it is repaired with the same process the body shop uses. How do we save you money? The main difference is that we are not repainting the whole bumper, just the damaged spot. And secondly, we are not charging you labor to remove the bumper and replace it. The bumper stays on the vehicle during the repair.

The industry term for the process is called a Blend. The way it works, is we only are repairing the affected area and then we smoothly blend the rest of the repaired area into the original paint. Why loose all that original factory finish if only a small part of the bumper needs work. The more original factory material you have on the vehicle the better the resale value. And lets face it, you will never get a better paint job (especially on bumpers) than from the factory.

Give us a call. Within 4 hours you can have your vehicle looking like new again. We will save you a lot of money. If you are going to fix it, you owe it to yourself to look into Airbrush Touch Up. With the money we will save you, treat yourself to our auto detailing service or install some window tinting. Keep your vehicle looking like the day it came off the dealer lot. Make a reservation today. Takes less than 4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the bumper repair process?

The process is identical to that used in a standard body shop, but without the high priced labor charges.

  1. Your car’s paint color is matched exactly.
  2. The damaged area is treated without having to remove the entire bumper.
  3. The process is complete the same day.

Can you fix any bumper damage?

No. Major collision damage, insurance work, or damage that compromise the car’s structural integrity should be taken to a traditional body shop. Or, if the bumper is torn or broken it needs to be replaced.

What is a Blend or spot repair?

A blend is process by which we fix only the effected area instead of the whole bumper. The process is much like a body shop. The damaged area is repaired, we primer the spot, airbrush on the factory color, and then spray the area with a clear coat. Our goal is to keep as much of the original factory paint on the vehicle as possible. There is no need to paint the whole bumper if most of it is still in good condition. A blend or spot repair is a standard industry practice.