Whether you drive every day on a freeway to work, or you own a sporty weekend driver, there is nothing worse than to see the front bumper getting rock pitted only after 6 months. How can you prevent the inevitable experience of finding your first nasty rock chip on the hood or bumper? You will be pleased to know that now there is a proven solution to protecting the front bumper, hood, and lights. Never worry again about all the road damage that you will be getting while driving. It’s called Transhine Paint Protection film! Join the thousands who have discovered the benefits of this product.

For 30 years our core business has been auto detailing and each year we would see customers come back to wax their cars only to find more damage from rock chips and pitting. Does every car owner have to accept the fact that eventually the bumper will need to be repainted? At the time the only answer was to put a black vinyl bra on the front. Until, we discovered the paint protection film. In 2002, we thoroughly researched this film and found that it was originally designed by 3M for military application. WOW, we were impressed with the potential long term benefit to our customers and anyone else who was serious about taking care of their vehicle. Finally, the solution to preventing rock chips on the bumper and hood was available. We invested in training to become certified installers and after 6 years of installing Paint Protection film-

We can assure you that this is the best way to maintain your factory paint job in near perfect condition!

What makes this film so awesome is it is nearly undetectable on the vehicle. But the fact that you can’t see it was only the start of how incredible this product is! The film doesn’t require any special maintenance other than the normal waxing that the factory paint requires. Then, the 5 year warranty on the film assured us that if the film ever started discoloring, yellowing or peeling up, it would be replaced for free. And the most important benefit- the tough, urethane material had a proven track record. We have seen it on vehicles several years old and it still looks great!

At first, we were a little skeptical about its durability and its ability to effectively prevent rocks, bugs, sand, and road debris from destroying the film itself and more importantly the vehicles paint. However, we have had a chance to talk to our returning customers that are convinced of how great it holds up over time. We have heard many amazing customer accounts of road debris that hit their protected bumper or hood and didn’t leave any damage. The final proof we needed came from seeing these customers come back year after year with the film still looking great and more importantly, the paint still looked like new underneath. Do you want proof how good it works.

The days of the black vinyl bras that strap down on the front of the car are a thing of the past.

The previous method to protecting your paint was to tie down a black vinyl bra over the bumper and maybe over the hood. Sure it was effective at reducing paint chips and damage, but it was doing more damage to the paint itself, and it was a hassle to put on and off, and it didn’t look all that great.

The film is made of a tough, optically clear urethane that acts as a shock absorber while protecting your new paint job. The surface of the urethane is coated with a clear coating much like the paint on the vehicle. However, the film will not chip or pit like paint. Most road debris bounces off the surface without damaging or pitting the film. The shock absorbing characteristic allows the film to maintain its high gloss and smooth surface even after thousands of miles of road debris.

The kits are designed to exactly fit your particular make and model. These computer cut kits cover the areas most vulnerable to pitting and chipping. The perimeter of the kits blend into the body lines and become unnoticeable. Once professionally installed, it is nearly impossible to see. We do all our installations on site in a controlled working environment to ensure the cleanest possible install.

Call us today to schedule your installation. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have protected their vehicles. Your next rock chip might come tomorrow and you will have wished you were protected. Mention you saw our website and get 10% off the list price. Discover the reason once you learn about this product, the sooner you will want to get it applied to your bumper, hood and every where else that is exposed. We are so confident about your satisfaction with the installation and performance of our Paint Protection film, that if it doesn’t ever live up to your expectations, we will remove it and refund your money.

Don’t be like several of our customers that didn’t get their vehicle protected because it cost to much or they wanted to think about it, only to come back a year later to tell us that they regret not getting the film installed while the vehicle was new. When you consider the cost of the protection in comparison to damage to your original paint job, the investment is really reasonable. The Paint Protection film is a lot like car insurance that you are going to definitely use. You really appreciate having it when the unexpected happens. Don’t wait another day.

Just in case you’re still hesitating, let me help you evaluate your options:

Option #1: You could do nothing and let your new car get pitted up and chipped like the vehicle you owned before. Some people just accept that their vehicle is going to get thrashed and it will eventually need to be repainted. But lets face it, painting the bumper is always more costly than the installed price for the Paint Protection film. Besides, repainting is never good. It lowers the value of your vehicle and who wants to see their bumper pitted up for two to three years or until they decide it looks bad enough to fix it.

Option#2: You could get a vinyl black bra to protect the bumper. Good! Taking precautions to protect your factory finish is a good thing. What you will find is the price of a good quality black vinyl bra is nearly the same as the Paint Protection film kit. The difference is that the vinyl bra is going to scuff up the paint over time. It is going to change the look of the vehicle, and whenever you wash the car you have to take it off and then put it back on. Is this a viable option? If the black bra is the only available solution you have no choice, but no there is a better alternative-Transhine Paint Protection Film!

Option #3: You could wait and think about it, but if you have read this far you must be very interested in protecting your paint. In fact, you are probably really excited about getting it done. Imagine, in 5 years from now you have no rock chips or pitting on your bumper, the hood, or in the wheel wells. We can guarantee that in the first year after you get your vehicle covered with the Paint Protection film, you will be thinking that it was the best idea you have ever had. And maybe you will be regretting you didn’t cover more areas of your car. So why wait? One more day without the your vehicle protected, means another chance for a rock chip.

Option #4: You commit to doing this! You can’t think of one sensible reason not to install Paint Protection film on your vehicle. You get the Paint Protection Film installed and the next day you drive, worry free, up and down the highway knowing that you are protected 24hours a day 7 days a week. It is 100% certain, without the Paint Protection film you WILL get rock chips. We have yet to hear a customer say that they wished they hadn’t spent the money.

Product Review: Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

“I had waited until I had 40,000 miles on my corvette before I got it protected. That was in the first year of driving. I hesitated on installing the film and soon had some pitting and chips. I realized I had to do something before it wasn’t worth protecting the original paint. The film is great! Even though I have some damage, the film covered a lot of problems and now it looks like new. Thanks Transhine! ”



  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – We have been installing kits for over 12 years and in this business experience is what separates a great installation from just an OK job.
  • GREAT FACILITY – We have spent thousands on our Paint Protection film installation facility in order to produce the cleanest film application with optimum results. We are committed to giving you the highest quality in the industry. A mobile installer has to work in dusty conditions, bad lighting, and awkward positions. Our installation utilizes a car lift that puts the work area in the best position. This produces the cleanest and most accurate job possible.
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD – We have people coming from Pasadena to Long Beach and Hemet to get their vehicles protected by us. Check out some of our testimonials and learn why we are the number one source for Vehicle Protection from rock chips.
  • GURANTEE – We have been around a long time and we plan to be around a long time. You can be assured we will be here to handle any problems and resolve them quickly. Our customers are our best advertisement and we want to take extremely good care of them. Give us a try.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the film do?

The film protects the high-impact, front-facing areas (Hood, bumper and side mirrors) from rock damage, bug impact and loose road debris that one encounters while driving, especially on the freeway. The ultimate goal is to preserve your factory paint and thereby maintaining the original condition of your vehicle.

Where on the car is the paint protection film applied?

Each kit is engineered to cover the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. This would include the front bumper, headlights, the hood and leading edges of the fender, and the front facing surfaces of the side mirrors. 95% of all rock chips are going to appear on the front facing portions of the vehicle. A secondary concern would be the area behind the wheels, the rocker panel and less noticeable areas like the doorsills. SEE CAR PHOTO ABOVE place your cursor over the bullets and the photo of the car will change to show kits that are recommended to protect your vehicles paint.

Will the film change the color of my car?

The film is optically clear and will not alter the color of the paint. The film texture is similar to the factory finish. It is almost undetectable except where the film stops. The precut patterns are designed to come up to about 1/8th of an inch from the edge of each covered surface.

Will the film harm my car’s paint?

No. The film is designed to allow the paint to ‘breath’ for natural aging and is treated with ultra violet rat inhibitors that protect the longevity of the film. The adhesive that bonds the film to the paint is extremely tough, but it will not scratch or harm the paint. If you wish to remove the film, you can without any damage.

Can the film be removed once it has been applied?

Despite the film’s hi-tech adhesive designed to adhere for years, it can be removed safely after several years without any effects to the car’s finish. (Note: The same film cannot be reapplied after it is removed).

How long will the paint protection film last?

It is guaranteed not to yellow, crack or peel for 5 years. However, it has been proven to last significantly longer. In simulated laboratory tests, the film lasted up to 14 years before showing signs of breakdown. Although the film will not look like new forever, your vehicles’ paint can!

Does the film come with a warranty?

3M warrants that Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film, installed after January 1, 2005, will be free of defects in materials and manufacture — including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking — for five (5) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, misapplication, or ordinary wear, nor does it apply to dents caused by physical impact of rocks or road debris.

What are the benefits of having the film installed?

Up until recently, there hasn’t been a way to effectively prevent rock chips from damaging the paint. Vinyl bras worked but they chaffed the paint and looked rather obtrusive. Now, the technology is available that adds so much more value to the vehicle. 3M Paint Protection Film will last almost indefinitely and will be protecting the vehicle 24 hours a day 7 days a week-UNNOTICED!. And, one of the best features of the film is it does not require any special maintenance.

What makes the film so effective at protecting paint?

It is constructed of tough, urethane, which is covered by a unique clear coat layer. Unlike traditional (liquid) clear coat products sold through dealerships as new car add-ons, Transhine’s Paint Protection film is a structurally dense film, 8 millimeters thick. Its primary function is to absorb impacts. The film deflects debris, does not chip, pit or dull in shine as unprotected car paint will over time.

What about headlight protection?

The light protection covers are made of the same film as the paint protection film, but they are 5 times thicker. The headlight protection covers do not diminish the lights output, and do not alter your vehicles appearance. If you are a frequent freeway driver, these are a necessity. Over time, headlights get pitted and loose their clarity. Eventually, lights can get so bad they need to be replaced. Additionally, the film is thick enough to deflect rocks and other highway debris that might otherwise break or crack the light.

After several year, won’t the Transhine Paint Protection film look chipped and pitted?

Absolutely not! This is a key difference between your paint and the urethane film. Today, factory paint jobs are more brittle and softer, which means every time they get hit by road debris, it leaves a chip or rock pit. The urethane film absorbs impact without damage or pitting the films surface. The film maintains its shine and surface clarity even years after taking a beating.

Do you have a kit for my car?

Probably Yes, 3M Paint Protection Film kits fit all of these cars Lexus, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Infinity, Lexus, Acura, Viper, Ferrari, Ford, Bentley, Lotus, Corvette, Chevrolet, Audi, Cadillac, Chrysler, Honda, Hummer, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mini, Nissan, SAAB, Saturn, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo. Paint Protection Film is an Automotive Protective Coating that is applied by Certified Installers.