Keep the beetles off my Beetle!

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Keep the beetles off my Beetle!

Thanks for the absolutely PERFECT full front-end protective film job you recently did on my Volkswagen Beetle!

This is the 2nd clear bra you have installed for my cars and your work is, at this point, absolutely perfect.

You’ve never let me down and your customer service and care is second to none, but I had to write to tell you that this recent job is almost completely invisible. You have to really be looking hard to see it and then I can only detect it from the reliefs in the film needed to make the curves/contours. Not a single bubble or blemish of any kind to be found anywhere which I know is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of experience and skill to accomplish.

It’s a perfect job and I am 110% satisfied. I can now drive on the 605 without ever having to worry about a rock chip from the rock quarries or road blast to the hood, or even the wheel well areas and that’s a great feeling! Also puts my mind to ease knowing I don’t have to worry too much about those pesky shopping karts when I am at the mall or grocery store.

I’ll recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Thanks for helping to make sure my new VW Beetle stays looking new for a very long time and for taking the time to make sure the install was flawless!

– Erica

The Right Kind of Wax Makes A Difference

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When it comes time to wax your vehicle we can all agree on the desired results; a glassy, wet-like, super smooth finish that’s durable and never dulls! Aside of the aesthetics, the practical function of a wax is to provide a micro thin, sacrificial coating that keeps the elements from sticking to your paint and causing irreversible damage. The wax coating generally wears off in one to three months.

Types of Waxes: Carnauba, Polymer and Spray Waxes

Carnauba wax comes from the Brazilian native plant Copernicia prunifera. Paste wax has a thicker consistency and will require some elbow grease to apply. Carnauba waxes have a terrific shine but don’t last as long as polymer based waxes. The polymer based waxes are engineered for long lasting durability but usually fall short of the natural carnauba “glassy look.” So, if you are the type of car owner that loves to wax his car every month and keeps it very clean between waxes, you should consider using a carnauba based wax. Polymer based waxes are best for long lasting protection and durability over a longer period.

Polymer based (man-made) waxes can come in a variety of forms-Sealants, Teflon, Acrylics, and they are all man-made synthetics. Most synthetics waxes have the same long term protection guarantees, they promote durability and longevity. The carnauba family of waxes are all about the shine. They vary depending on the percentage of pure carnauba wax they contain. A carnauba wax can have 5% up to 30% carnauba wax concentration with additives comprising the bulk of the product. A new category has developed that combines carnauba and polymers together and promise the best of both worlds.

Spray waxes are generally produced from a synthetic nano technology. Spray waxes are usually broken down into nano particles making it very thin and easy to apply. This type of wax will fill in almost any minute clear coat damage on its own. Easy to spray on and buff out. This method will require less application time and less elbow grease. The drawback, well, it doesn’t last very long. Spray waxes will require reapplication every month.

Regardless of the type of wax you choose, the characteristics of a good wax are as follows:

  • Doesn’t stick to the paint
  • Goes on and wipes off easy
  • Doesn’t create a lot of powder contaminants
  • Should never leave streaks or oily residue

To get the maximum results from your wax

  • Always apply it to a clean or pre-polished surface.
  • Remember, wax does not clean the paint, nor will it polish out scratches.
  • Wax should be applied every 1-2 months with carnauba wax, 2-3 months for polymer wax, and 1 month for spray wax

To protect your vehicles wax job, keep the vehicle in at night. Wash the vehicle often with a CAR WASH soap or take it to the local car wash. Use a good quality automobile soap. Never use dish washing soap. It strips you wax almost immediately. You loose a little wax every time you wash so go gentle on the soap.

Quality Carnauba Wax Polymer Wax Spray Wax
Shine Best Good Ok
Durability 1-2 Months 2-3 Months 1 Month
Good Store Brand McGuires Yellow Wax Zymol Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax
Best Commercial Brand Collinite #845 Jax Wax Body Shine

Polishing vs. Waxing

“Polishing” is an action that results in a smooth, shiny surface. Polish is a product you use before you wax. So, polish is normally used with a ‘polish machine’ or the paint is hand polished like your silverware set. It is a process that is FIXING problems related to paint clarity, scratches, and surface roughness. Waxes, on the other hand have no polishing characteristics, they don’t clean the paint, they just cover and protect and they don’t fix paint surface problems; waxes are made to protect the paint.

One Step Cleaners and Waxes

Here is an industry term like honest criminal. You can’t clean and protect at the same time. First you clean and then you protect. First you polish and then you wax. Better yet, first you clean the paint, then polish and then wax. It is that simple.

Bring your vehicle in to Transhine where our qualified car care experts will bring the best out of your cars exterior and interior, contact us today (562) 693-5619


Best bang for your buck!

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Best bang for your buck!

“After shopping around for a couple of months just looking for the best bang for my buck, not necessarily the cheapest solution, something that is really worth the money. I love my Corvette!! I don’t want to put an eye sore on it. I’ve seen several bad or sloppy installations and have always been put off by the low attention to detail and low quality of the material used in these installs.

When I found Transhine the first thing I did was request a quote and while not the least expensive option out there they proved to be the best value for my Vette. Now I can go on longer road trips knowing when I get hit the open road and those rocks are getting kicking up I don’t have to worry as much for my paint knowing it’s protected by quality material. THANKS TRANSHINE!”





Secrets to keeping your car looking like new for 10 years

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Most personal finance experts would agree that keeping your vehicle for up to 10 years is a good economical decision. The economics of keeping a vehicle that long are overwhelmingly convincing. So why is it so rare to find someone who owns the same car that long.?

After all, today most cars will keep working long after a couple hundred thousand miles. So, why do people keep buying a new car when there is nothing wrong with the one they have? Peer pressure? Maybe it looks out of date? This might be true, especially when the new edition undergoes major styling changes. Maybe it is because people start worrying about the likelihood of a major mechanical problem.

More often than not, the car owner generally just get sick of the driving the ‘same old car’. So, regardless of the economic sense, the sound logic against getting a new car, the decision hinges on getting something that looks new.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have found that if you can keep it looking new through a proven strategy it will be much more difficult to make that new car purchase. So what can be done to slow down the aging process? How can a car be used on a regular basis and not age. There is no one particular activity, but rather several things that contribute to a common goal.

The following is a list of ways to keep the appearance of your car looking like new.

1. By far, the number one way to keep your vehicle looking like new is to KEEP IT IN THE GARAGE AT NIGHT. Most people think the damage results from the grueling midday heat and dust that bake the dirt into the paint and plastic, however, the most destructive time is at night, when the cool moisture condensates on the surface of the car. This is the source of the problem.

(We live in a basin here in Los Angeles which is packed with automobiles moving about all day. The exhaust, pollution and road grime, rise up into the atmosphere during the hot days and are suspended there until the cool sea air moves in and captures the pollution in the moisture that will condensate on the car. That morning dew sitting on the horizontal surfaces of the vehicle is a sulfur /acidy toxic cocktail of all the junk in our air. It eats into the paint, the trim around the doors, yellows headlights and destroys the rubber parts. No test lab can recreate that! The moisture is not horribly bad, but if this process is done every night for 5 – 8 years, it will take its toll on the exterior)

2. Keep the vehicle under an overhang at night. The next best thing to a garage would be to keep the vehicle from getting dew on it at night. Reread the reason in the paragraph above. The next best long term protection is the overhang. (Car covers are helpful when the vehicle will sit at the airport for 2 weeks or in your driveway for a week. As a daily defense, it is a good idea, but with time it is a hassle as well as too dirty to put on the car.)

Regular waxing

Regular waxing is every 3 – 4 months or every 5,000 miles. So by the time your vehicle has 20,000 miles on it, it should have 4 coats of wax. Waxing gives the car a micro thin layer of protection from the elements. As the vehicle gets older, the attention to the exterior should increase. Occasionally, the paint should be polished to restore clarity to the surface. Polishing the paint every 1 ½ years or ever 15,000 miles will increase the life of the wax, and maintain the paint in top condition.

Regular washes

Regular washes on the exterior will keep the vehicle free of dust and contaminants. The longer dirt and dust sit on the paint, the more likely it will start to adhere to the surface.

Paint protection film by 3M

Paint protection film by 3M is the best way to keep the paint rock chip free. By applying this film to the bumper and hood, it will defend the original vehicle paint from damage. This film is removable and does not have any long term effect to the paint. Conceivably, this film could be removed in 10 years after installation, and the paint would look like the day it came off the assembly line. Truly the best long term solution for the everyday driver.

Window Tint

Protect the interior from fading and drying out with a lifetime warrantee film. During the day, the vehicles interior is vulnerable to the harmful effects of the suns UV Rays. Window tint blocks out 100% of the ultraviolet rays. It also reduces the internal heat and cuts down on glare. With regular interior detailing and window tint, the interior will look like the day it was installed. Also, window tint improves the comfort of the passenger and drivers.

Engine Steam Cleaning

Biannual cleaning of the motor will ensure proper visibility of fluid levels. It can improve preventative maintenance inspection and keeps the motor running cooler. Furthermore, mechanics respect a clean motor and are more likely to clean up after themselves.

Paintless Dent Removal

Periodic removal of small door dings and dents. The cost of keeping your doors “ding” free is really reasonable and the process of Paintless Dent Removal is non invasive. It is impossible to keep a daily driver from eventually getting a door ding, but the good news is that they can be messaged out and restored to its original position. No painting or bondo is necessary and the vehicle maintains its original factory paint.

Complete Detail

Deep cleaning Detail. Every 1 ½ – 2 years the vehicle should get a complete detail. Most people will wait until the vehicle is so bad, something has to be done. For a potted plant, that is the equivalence of waiting until the leaves are turning brown before it gets watered.

Detailing Schedule

Achieving a like new vehicle after 10 years will require preemptive or preventive care. Scheduled detailing appointments over a 1 year time period will help to keep the vehicle on track. The paint job can’t remind you it needs waxing. So don’t wait until you notice the car getting a little shabby before you act. Lastly, the mechanical part of the vehicle is just as important. We strongly recommend the adherence to all schedule mechanical maintenance.


The most common hurdle most people face in keeping their car looking like new for 10 years, is the money that goes toward the car on a regular basis. Keep focused on the goal, and the savings realized after you own the vehicle is far greater than the amount spent periodically for detailing and upkeep.

Tint and the paint protection film are a onetime outlay that will return benefits over the 10 year period. The Detailing and dent removal are just part of what it takes to keep it up.

The rewards of keeping up on the car are well worth it. Not only will you have a nice looking vehicle that you like after 10 years, you will have a lot more pride in it. Besides, the expense of buying a new car every 3 – 4 years is astronomical when you calculate depreciation, taxes and registration. Even insurance is highest during the first 4 years of owning the car. Lastly, don’t get caught up in the new car fad. We are bombarded every hour of every day with incredible offers for new cars. The constant pressure by friends, family and coworkers can be too much to endure some times. It is hard to resist, especially if your vehicle is looking tired and shabby. Have a loving, respectful relationship with your car. Care for it, keep it clean and maintenance, and it will return the consideration. Guaranteed!

Transhine Featured in Drive Magazine

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Check out the article in Drive Magazine featuring Transhine installing 3M paint protection film!

Best of Whittier 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018!

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Press Release


Transhine Receives Best of Whittier Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

NEW YORK, NY, October 21, 2011 — For the second consecutive year, Transhine has been selected for the 2011 Best of Whittier Award in the Automobile Detail & Clean-Up Service category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

The USCA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Nationwide, only 1 in 70 (1.4%) 2011 Award recipients qualified as Two-Time Award Winners. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2011 USCA Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USCA and data provided by third parties.

About U.S. Commerce Association (USCA)

U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) is a New York City based organization funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. The purpose of USCA is to promote local business through public relations, marketing and advertising.

The USCA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to be an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.

SOURCE: U.S. Commerce Association

U.S. Commerce Association

My Local Buzz

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We were featured in my Local Buzz TV! Check out the video!

Paint Protection film is not just for high-end cars.

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Paint Protection film is not just for high-end cars.

The day I picked up my new 2009 Toyota Corolla, I called Transhine and made an appointment for installation of Paint Protection film and window tint. I was so impressed with the job they did a couple of years ago on my 2006 Toyota Avalon and their great customer service, that I don’t mind the 45 mile drive from my home in Fontana.My Avalon has gone over two years without a single nick or scratch anywhere the paint protection film is applied and I wanted that same protection for my new Corolla. I drive through harsh desert conditions every day to my job in Palmdale and I want to protect my investment. Before I discovered Transhine, I owned another new car that had the paint on the hood, front bumper, and mirrors destroyed by rocks and road debris within the first six months. I didn’t want to take any chances with my new Corolla, so it had less than 75 miles on it when I got it over to Transhine!
Paint Protection film is not just for high-end luxury cars, it is money well spent for anyone who wants to keep their car looking new for as long as possible. I have found similar products closer to my home and slightly less expensive, but my past experience with the Transhine team and the specialized training I know they receive, makes me 100 percent confident that the job will be done right. Thanks Transhine for a great product, excellent service, and keeping my new cars looking that way for a long time!

– Larry

Monthly Special

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Customer satisfaction is the highest priority and we try our hardest to demonstrate that. That is why you will always find a great deal at Transhine Auto Detailing.


Check back every month for discounts.

Transhine Featured in: Whittier Daily News

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“A Shine that Protects Too!” Whittier Daily News features 3M paint protection film installed by Transhine!