Keep the beetles off my Beetle!

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Keep the beetles off my Beetle!

Thanks for the absolutely PERFECT full front-end protective film job you recently did on my Volkswagen Beetle!

This is the 2nd clear bra you have installed for my cars and your work is, at this point, absolutely perfect.

You’ve never let me down and your customer service and care is second to none, but I had to write to tell you that this recent job is almost completely invisible. You have to really be looking hard to see it and then I can only detect it from the reliefs in the film needed to make the curves/contours. Not a single bubble or blemish of any kind to be found anywhere which I know is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of experience and skill to accomplish.

It’s a perfect job and I am 110% satisfied. I can now drive on the 605 without ever having to worry about a rock chip from the rock quarries or road blast to the hood, or even the wheel well areas and that’s a great feeling! Also puts my mind to ease knowing I don’t have to worry too much about those pesky shopping karts when I am at the mall or grocery store.

I’ll recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Thanks for helping to make sure my new VW Beetle stays looking new for a very long time and for taking the time to make sure the install was flawless!

– Erica