The Right Kind of Wax Makes A Difference

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When it comes time to wax your vehicle we can all agree on the desired results; a glassy, wet-like, super smooth finish that’s durable and never dulls! Aside of the aesthetics, the practical function of a wax is to provide a micro thin, sacrificial coating that keeps the elements from sticking to your paint and causing irreversible damage. The wax coating generally wears off in one to three months.

Types of Waxes: Carnauba, Polymer and Spray Waxes

Carnauba wax comes from the Brazilian native plant Copernicia prunifera. Paste wax has a thicker consistency and will require some elbow grease to apply. Carnauba waxes have a terrific shine but don’t last as long as polymer based waxes. The polymer based waxes are engineered for long lasting durability but usually fall short of the natural carnauba “glassy look.” So, if you are the type of car owner that loves to wax his car every month and keeps it very clean between waxes, you should consider using a carnauba based wax. Polymer based waxes are best for long lasting protection and durability over a longer period.

Polymer based (man-made) waxes can come in a variety of forms-Sealants, Teflon, Acrylics, and they are all man-made synthetics. Most synthetics waxes have the same long term protection guarantees, they promote durability and longevity. The carnauba family of waxes are all about the shine. They vary depending on the percentage of pure carnauba wax they contain. A carnauba wax can have 5% up to 30% carnauba wax concentration with additives comprising the bulk of the product. A new category has developed that combines carnauba and polymers together and promise the best of both worlds.

Spray waxes are generally produced from a synthetic nano technology. Spray waxes are usually broken down into nano particles making it very thin and easy to apply. This type of wax will fill in almost any minute clear coat damage on its own. Easy to spray on and buff out. This method will require less application time and less elbow grease. The drawback, well, it doesn’t last very long. Spray waxes will require reapplication every month.

Regardless of the type of wax you choose, the characteristics of a good wax are as follows:

  • Doesn’t stick to the paint
  • Goes on and wipes off easy
  • Doesn’t create a lot of powder contaminants
  • Should never leave streaks or oily residue

To get the maximum results from your wax

  • Always apply it to a clean or pre-polished surface.
  • Remember, wax does not clean the paint, nor will it polish out scratches.
  • Wax should be applied every 1-2 months with carnauba wax, 2-3 months for polymer wax, and 1 month for spray wax

To protect your vehicles wax job, keep the vehicle in at night. Wash the vehicle often with a CAR WASH soap or take it to the local car wash. Use a good quality automobile soap. Never use dish washing soap. It strips you wax almost immediately. You loose a little wax every time you wash so go gentle on the soap.

Quality Carnauba Wax Polymer Wax Spray Wax
Shine Best Good Ok
Durability 1-2 Months 2-3 Months 1 Month
Good Store Brand McGuires Yellow Wax Zymol Meguiar’s Ultimate Quik Wax
Best Commercial Brand Collinite #845 Jax Wax Body Shine

Polishing vs. Waxing

“Polishing” is an action that results in a smooth, shiny surface. Polish is a product you use before you wax. So, polish is normally used with a ‘polish machine’ or the paint is hand polished like your silverware set. It is a process that is FIXING problems related to paint clarity, scratches, and surface roughness. Waxes, on the other hand have no polishing characteristics, they don’t clean the paint, they just cover and protect and they don’t fix paint surface problems; waxes are made to protect the paint.

One Step Cleaners and Waxes

Here is an industry term like honest criminal. You can’t clean and protect at the same time. First you clean and then you protect. First you polish and then you wax. Better yet, first you clean the paint, then polish and then wax. It is that simple.

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