Professional, Courteous and Extremely Knowledgeable.

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Professional, Courteous and Extremely Knowledgeable.

“I drive everyday to work on a Freeway that literally has Trucks entering the freeway from a Rock Quarry. You can hear the Rocks and Debris Raining on the Front of your vehicle, but I must say since Transhine Installed the Clear Bra it is almost like driving around with your own personal Force-Field.

I was driving on the Freeway following behind an 18 wheeler transporting Huge Concrete Piping. The Truck ran into a bad patch of Freeway and a piece of Miscellaneous Steel Came flying off the back of the truck. The Steel Piece Hit My Vehicle (WHAM!) from the Impact the Piece of Steel had to have weighed at least 15 lbs. All I could think of was Wow! that was a close one, my next thought was “What Does the Front of My Vehicle Look Like after the Impact?” I pulled off at the next exit and braced myself for what I was about to see. To My AMAZEMENT, the only damage to my vehicle was a Small Tear in the Clear Bra that Transhine Installed. I knew the Clear Bra would protect my vehicle from Small Rocks and Debris, But The Clear Bra Protected My Vehicle from A Piece of Steel Weighing about 15 lbs and an impact that would have cost at least $ 4200.00 to repair. I couldn’t believe it! The only damage was a small tear in the Clear Bra that Transhine installed. I took my vehicle back to Transhine to repair the small tear and in about 45 minutes I was good as new. I Highly Recommend To Anyone who values their Car to Invest in a Clear Bra from Transhine.

The Service from Bill Shiner and His Entire Staff Is Exceptional. They are Professional, Courteous and Extremely Knowledgeable. Thanks Again Transhine for an Extraordinary Product (the Clear Bra) Accompanied With Outstanding Customer Service.”

– James